Carbon Negative Building Blocks

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AirX bio-composites, manufactured from recycled Polypropylene and spent coffee grounds (rPE-SCG), underwent a comprehensive life cycle assessment that included a wide range of mass ratios, reaching up to 80% SCG.

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Life cycle assessment summary

All coproducts of AirX's process demonstrate a positive environmental impact with a negative carbon footprint when assessed from cradle-to-gate, as revealed by the life cycle analysis.

The assessment evaluates AirX coproducts across four environmental criteria: Global Warming, Resource Depletion, Acidification, and other impacts like Ozone Depletion and Eutrophication.

Among the product formulations, rPP:SCG (20:80) shows the highest negative carbon footprint of -1,442 kg CO2e/ton of material. The carbon footprint is mainly affected by the carbon storage capability of biomass.