Our Story


The sheer magnitude of the destruction and damage caused by carbon emissions and plastic waste left us deeply moved and compelled us to take action. In our relentless pursuit of a more sustainable solution, we discovered the untapped potential of producing coffee-based polypropylene with coffee grounds. Recognizing the immense potential of this idea, we made the bold decision to invest and bring it to the global stage, making it shine like never before. Everyday, we're fueled by our unwavering passion to make a meaningful impact and create a better, greener world for all.

The Journey

Over the last 5 years, we have been working with coffee grounds to create negative carbon biogenic materials, turning the carbon found in biomass into useful materials, substituting plastic materials while capturing carbon in the process. At the core of our company lies a dynamic and innovative team, always committed to conducting cutting-edge research and development to deliver tailor-made solutions through the use of coffee-based polypropylene, enabling businesses to achieve their carbon-negative objectives in a cost-effective manner.
Our innovative coffee-based polypropylene has attracted the attention of many of the biggest names in the global market, including Uniqlo, Nestle, Paula's Choice, and intercontinental Hotel Groups. These forward-thinking companies have recognized the enormous potential of our sustainable materials and have integrated them into their products and operations. We are currently working on utilizing our bio-composites in Nestle's packaging materials while also incorporating eco-friendly disposable products into the Intercontinental Hotel Group's hotel chain. Paula's Choice has taken things to the next level by collaborating with us to upcycle their discarded cosmetic packaging into bio-based content that can be used to create new finished products. We are honored to partner with these industry leaders in our mission to create a better, greener future for all.


We firmly believe that in the future, creating products will not contribute to emissions but will present an opportunity to capture carbon in long-lasting goods, furthering our commitment to a sustainable future.