• Interior Trims

    Interior Trims

    Bio-based polypropylene can be used for manufacturing interior trims such as door panels, dashboard, and seat components. It offers good dimensional stability, resistance to heat and impact, and can be easily molded into various shapes and textures.

  • Exterior Parts

    Exterior Parts

    Our Coffee-based Polypropylene can also be used for producing exterior parts such as bumpers, spoilers, and grills. It offers good impact resistance, chemical resistance, and can withstand exposure to UV light and weathering.

  • Under the Hood

    Under the Hood

    Plant-based polypropylene can be used for producing parts under the hood such as air intake manifolds, battery cases, and engine covers. It has excellent thermal stability, resistance to chemicals, and can withstand exposure to high temperatures and pressures.

  • Electrical Components

    Electrical Components

    Coffee-based Polypropylene can be used for producing electrical components like wiring harnesses and connectors. It provides superior electrical insulation properties, resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, and can be easily processed.


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